Our Strategy


At Material Exchange, our mission is to drive sustainable change and create transparency within the fashion industry by improving communication between brands, material suppliers and manufacturers and streamlining supply chain processes. We pride ourselves that by digitally transforming the fashion industry and reducing the need for physical samples, we significantly help reduce material wastage, and therefore support a more sustainable future.

We work closely with industry regulators such as FDRA and USFIA, Brands, Material Suppliers, Manufacturers and Agents to digitally transform the fashion industry and assist in the delivery of sustainable development goals, while breaking the mould of antiquated business functions, and driving forward digitization, transparency and sustainability within complex supply chains.

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Material Exchange will be the company to deliver change within the fashion industry through our revolutionary SaaS-based digital transformation solution. We will deliver unprecedented levels of transparency and enable the fashion industry to sustainably grow for the future.

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We will provide the largest single source of digital materials and sustainability accreditations in the world that is inclusive of all no matter the size or capacity. Our initiatives will deliver streamline supply chains and minimize negative environmental effects of the fashion industry.

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Our core belief is that we can change the future of the fashion industry, with the backing of the industry and our partners, and the introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for fashion, we can be the platform that delivers a sustainable future for all.

Sustainable Development Goals