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PST: 9pm (Jan.20); EST: 12am; CET 6am; IST: 10.30am; CST: 1pm

Transparency in footwear and apparel is an evolving trend with new concepts, global concerns and an increase in emerging threats to the environment – all are reshaping the planet as we know it and influencing the way we operate. Many companies now understand they need to focus on ways to function in a more transparent manner. We will discuss the latest trends and tools, as well as gain an insight into what companies are doing to improve transparency and what it means for fashion for the future.

Keynote Speaker: Kelly Burton (Chief Sustainability Officer at Material Exchange | Fashion Changemaker | Professor at Harvard). Guest Speakers: Chris Price (Director of Sales and Product Development at Prosperity Textile & Stella Blu Textile), Klaas Nuttbohm (Implementation Director, Implementation Hub B.V. (ZDHC) and Dr. Katie Jones, Chief Product Officer, Oritain.


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Join us for this must-watch webinar hosted by GS1 US featuring VP of Sales at Material Exchange, Joanne Stetson.

Increasing demand for product information in retail — from how it was distributed, packaged, and made all the way downstream to how the raw materials were sourced — has presented brands with new opportunities for growth. By stepping into the new digital frontier, brands today can utilize this sought-after information to gain competitive advantages.

Hear from industry experts on how digitizing raw material attributes can help quicken decision making for corporate buyers, improve demand visibility and order efficiencies, discern consumer material preferences, enable product circularity in the supply chain and more

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APLF is the world’s leading leather trade show where a huge range of leather and components can be found. Strategically located in Hong Kong, APLF offers a professional business platform where suppliers can meet thousands of international buyers who do their sourcing trips annually in Asia Pacific.

APLF covers the needs of the footwear, leather goods, garment, upholstery and interiors sectors from leathers and synthetics to components and machinery.

Material Exchange will actively engage with material suppliers, manufacturers and material sourcing teams to show how the implementation of digital technologies can create greater opportunities and significantly improve collaboration.

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Join researchers, technologists and artists working with interactive 3D Graphics on the Web! It is our 25th anniversary, don’t miss this opportunity to share and learn real-time interactive 3D.

This year’s theme “3D for a Hyperconnected World” emphasizes the increasingly global scope and wide impact of high-quality 3D content over high-speed networks. Now… more than ever.

The goal of the conference is to share innovative and creative ideas that enable development of 3D applications for a wide range of user environments including the Web, mobile, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR).

Gneiss Concept along with Material Exchange will lead an Open Discussion Workshop for determining the requirements needed for scans of materials, and accessories within the X3D file format, featuring Material Exchange CPO, Dejan Zvekic and 3D Expert Geng Geng.

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The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) and the American Import Shippers Association (AISA) invites you to join us for our 2020 Apparel Importers Trade & Transportation Conference. This year, the conference will be totally virtual from Tuesday, November 10 to Friday, November 13. Each day attendees will “meet” from 1:00 PM ET to 4:00 PM ET with live presentations and the opportunity to ask questions of the experts.

This four-day event is a must for the fashion industry. Brands and retailers will learn the latest on the outcome of the election, the retail outlook, sourcing trends and opportunities, logistics and how the industry can support Conscious Fashion. 

Tune in on Wednesday, November 11 as Material Exchange host a webinar on how we, along with Kingpins, have created “a new normal” by connecting Denim Mills with buyers digitally

Visit the conference website to learn more


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